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The Happy Type
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How To Inspire People


Today I wanted to talk about inspiring people and how you can make a positive change in the lives of people around you. The secret to inspiring people is so very simple that it might seem like a no brainer.The┬átruth is that it’s so simple it is easily missed or passed over. Are you ready for the big revelation on how to inspire and lead people?

If you want to inspire someone else then the first step is that you must inspire yourself.

Yup, that’s it. All you have to do is inspire yourself. If you are able to inspire yourself then you will inspire the people around you and let me explain what I mean by inspiring yourself. I mean that you have to believe in yourself. When you speak, your words cannot be a hollow they have to mean something otherwise they are useful as a bowl of plastic fruit (or some kind of horrible lie like a plastic pizza) when you are starving.

Make your words mean something, let your words carry weight, which also means that you cannot just toss out generic catch-phrases or general encouragement. You have to go deeper than a random “You can do this” or “It’ll be alright”. Make a connection and invest in the people around you so that when you speak, you speak to their needs with words meant to make a difference. Words that are meant for them.

So let’s get started and make some time to get alone with yourself. Get your priorities in line and when you tell yourself that yes, you are stronger than whatever is in front of you, believe it. Don’t falter because even if it isn’t pretty you’ll make it work. Remember that things don’t have to be pretty or perfect to be successful and so long as you believe in yourself, so long as you inspire yourself, then you are pretty much unstoppable.

Be the force of nature that you can be, believe in yourself and become an inspiration to the people around you. The best thing about this is you won’t ever have to tell someone what you are doing, it will just happen, oh so naturally. And that’s what will make it worth every effort, every failure and every time that you picked yourself back up and kept going.

  • http://escapeandinspire.blogspot.com Jenny R.

    Your life should be an inspiration (: Especially if you have kids/ work with kids they should be able to follow your example because it’s a positive one.

  • http://howtomakealife-sheryl.blogspot.com/ Sheryl @ How to Make a Life

    One should always start with themselves! A lovely reminder that we can’t be an inspiration to others without being inspired.

  • Shybiker

    Very true. People are attracted to and inspired by self-confidence and self-knowledge. Good lesson here.

  • http://www.callitadventureblog.com Torie

    Needed this today more than I can say girl. Thank you for helping me out of the hole I dug myself into somewhere between last night and this morning completely unnecessarily.

  • http://www.sheisfierce.org/ Kiersten McMonagle

    This is such great advice! you can’t inspire anyone else, and nobody else can inspire you if you don’t believe in yourself first!

  • http://whisperingsweetly.com/ Shane Prather

    So much truth in this!

  • http://www.jarfullofstars.com/ Lisa

    Agreed and so well put, Crystal!