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The Happy Type
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Anastasia Amour // Stardust + Project Positive

Happy Tuesday! Today I get to put the spotlight on Anastasia and her blog Stardust. If you’re looking for a blog full of positivity, empowerment and lessons on self-love then Stardust is exactly what you’ve been searching for. When I first met Anastasia I was instantly taken in by her warm personality and sincere interactions with not only me but the entire community that she’s built on her blog.

I was struck by her ambition and drive when it came to sharing positive living on her blog and was in awe of Project Positive, an initiative that Anastasia started to encourage people to dwell less on their shortcomings and to focus in on their strengths. I know that Anastasia is going to go far and I am so humbled to have her sponsor me. I’m beyond thrilled to get to share her blog with all of you. Enjoy today’s Q&A and get to know Anastasia better!



Introduce yourself and your blog, Stardust, to everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Anastasia, and I’m the girl behind the blog Stardust. I started Stardust in January this year as an outlet for me to air my thoughts on how we can improve our lives by learning to accept our vulnerabilities and since then, it has taken off more than I ever could have imagined! In April this year, I also launched #ProjectPositive, an initiative to help stamp out self-inflicted negativity on social media.



What motivates you to write on your blog? What are you driven to share with your readers?

Every day women inspire me to write – every woman is beautiful, and yet so often women are conditioned to think that they can’t be beautiful unless they fulfill a set of criteria or “ideals”, like wearing the right makeup, the right clothing,  being a certain body type and acting in a certain way. This creates self doubt and self-inflicted negativity, manifesting in the form of negative thoughts. We learn to then project these negative thoughts not only onto ourselves, but then onto other women – further propelling the negative cycle. Knowing this inspires me to make a difference, to let women know that they are beautiful, they are amazing and they are enough. If I can help just one woman see her own self-destructive thought patterns and improve her life, then I consider that truly awesome.


What inspired you to start Project Positive?

#ProjectPositive started when I was browsing through my Facebook feed and I noticed a trend – each of my female friends that had posted something that night, all beautiful, successful and wonderful in their own rights – had something negative to say about their situation, whether it was about themselves, their jobs, families, friends or whatever else. Not one single positive thought! We see people complaining about the negativity in their lives and yet here most of us are, perpetuating the negativity even further. I did a bit of an experiment and monitored my News Feed for the next week, and I found that 85% of the status updates from women were negative. This so me is incredibly sad – there are so many beautiful things in life! I knew then that I wanted to start a dedicated movement to help women shun the negative, and instead project what’s positive.


What’s one time in your life when you were in a rough spot? How did you get through it and what would you say to anyone who is struggling in their own life?

I’ve had a pretty blessed life to be honest, but I’ve struggled with some things. Like many women I’ve suffered an eating disorder, but unlike a lot of people I was fortunate enough to overcome these issues, which sadly some people never get to do. I know first hand how negative thoughts can eat you up inside and play on everything you think you are – and these thoughts can come from both people around you and also from within. I only overcame these issues when I stopped listening to the negative people around me and  stopped listening to my own negative thoughts.

My advice to anyone going through a rough patch would be to know that negative times, like storms, will always pass. Your situation is not permanent and no matter how helpless you might feel, you always have control of your mindset. We are all capable of amazing things and overcoming great feats, and only when we realise that can we overcome what stops us!


Name one person who has inspired you and why have they made such a lasting impact on your life?

I’ve been inspired by a lot of people, but particularly my partner Cameron has hugely changed the way I see things. He’s suffered with mental health issues and has gone from a really negative and destructive place in his life to one of positivity, and he’s done this purely through hard work and dedication to ridding himself of his destructive patterns. He’s shown me that nothing is set in stone – when we have a negative trait, we often brush it off with statements like “that’s just how I am”, but that’s simply not true. It may take hard work but we can all change ourselves for the better. We can never be faultless, but we can work on being the best versions of ourselves that we can be at that moment, and this flexibility to change ourselves is truly powerful!


What are your future plans for not only yourself but your blog?

I plan to keep on doing what I’m currently doing, but in an even bigger way! I have no plans to slow down, only to keep growing and growing each and every day, for both myself and my blog! Blogging has taught me that writing to help people is something that I want to do for the rest of my life, and whilst I currently balance blogging with a full time job in marketing, I’ve recently come to the realisation that continuing to help people through my writing is what I really want to focus on. I think when you’re passionate about something, you’ll know when you need to take the risk and go for it, and this is something that I’m truly passionate about!


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  • http://www.anastasiaamour.com Anastasia Amour

    Thanks so much for the beautiful feature, Crystal! I’m absolutely loving being your sponsor, I would recommend it to any blogger! xx

    • http://www.thehappytype.com/ Crystal Turpin

      It’s be great having you on the blog and I’m excited to know that you’ll be around for a bit longer. :) Having awesome sponsors makes the whole blog ad thing worth it.

      • http://www.anastasiaamour.com Anastasia Amour

        I think I’ll be around here for a long time yet! Seriously, you are the best :) xx

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  • http://www.thelovecatsinc.com helen at thelovecatsinc

    loved this feature!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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  • http://www.thegirlwholovedtowrite.com/ Chelsea

    Ooh, can’t wait to check out her blog!

  • http://fuurin-diary.blogspot.com/ Rin

    Thanks so much for featuring Anastasia on your blog, Crystal! I first found her via the hashtag ProjectPositive on twitter and have been a fan of her blog ever since! We definitely need more optimism and good voices under the internet spotlight these days! Thanks so much! ^^

    xoxo Rin

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