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The Happy Type
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Kelley // Move By Yourself

Today, I get to show some blog love to one of the amazing bloggers on my side bar, Kelley from Move By Yourself. Kelley is a powerhouse of a woman with an eye for adventure and service. Originally leaving home for Paraguay in 2012 to serve in the Peace Corps, Kelley’s blog is full of amazing travels and experiences while living and working abroad. Kelley’s blog has since evolved into a place for her to share her love of travel and allows her to spread her infectious joy for life with her readers. Check out Move By Yourself and get in on turning everyday into an adventure with Kelley.



Introduce yourself and your blog, Move By Yourself, to everyone!

Hello everyone! I’m Kelley! I blog over at Move By Yourself. My blog started off as a way to keep my friends and family up-to-date on my life while I was in the Peace Corps, but, now that I’ve completed my service, it has morphed into more of a travel and lifestyle blog, that includes all of my favorite things, travel inspiration, delicious recipes and everyday adventures. I’m currently still living in Paraguay but, will be returning back Stateside relatively soon and I’ll start to try and figure out my post-Peace Corps life.


What are your thoughts on living abroad? What would you say to someone who is debating whether or not to make the move?

 Living abroad can be incredibly difficult at times, in a different culture, possibly a different language, far from your friends and family but, it will also be one of the best decisions you could make. Living abroad will open your world and introduce you to new people, food, cultures and places you never could have expected. My advice for someone debating moving abroad is that it is important to do your research but in the end you should just take the leap, you won’t regret it.

In 2012 you joined the Peace Corps and took off for Paraguay. What was the most valuable lesson that the Peace Corps taught you?

This is tough! I loved my Peace Corps experience. However, I lived in a small community of roughly 400 people, there would be times where the electricity and running water would go out for days, when temperatures would reach 110 degrees with 95% humidity and there would days where I just felt like there was no one in my community I could really talk to. Every once and a while I would think it might just be easier to quit and go home. But, through all of it I learned that I can be happy anywhere, that I can make it through tough times and come out stronger on the other side.


What do you enjoy doing to relax after a busy day? Why?

After a long day there are a couple things that I do to relax. I’ve recently gotten back into yoga and, especially when the weather is nice, a nice 15-20 minute flow really takes the stress away. I also really love to cook and try out new recipes, but, I love cooking even more when I have someone to cook for, which works because my boyfriend is a willing participant. You can also never go wrong with a nice glass of wine!

If you could do anything in your life and know that you would not fail what would it be?

This is a good question! I think if I knew I wouldn’t fail, I would want to start a non-profit organization. The goal of the non-profit would be to empower young women around the world and help them realize that they can achieve their dreams. I would also want to work with young men, teaching them the importance of gender equality. How I would do this, I don’t know? But, I can’t fail, right!

Dream Jobs

What are you future plans for you and your blog? Where do you see yourself in the near future?

Pretty soon, I will be going back to the States for the first time in two and half years, so I’m not really sure what is next for me, finding a job, grad school, the options are endless. Blog wise I would love to be able to travel more and be able to inspire others to get out there and see the world too!


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